Business Continuity Consulting

It is crucial to have a backup plan that can restore critical systems and maintain business continuity in the event of an unforeseen incident. To be prepared for the worst case scenario it is always recommended to have a business continuity consultant.

The chances of risk can be minimized but never eradicated, even with the best security practices. For organizations not to succumb to serious business interruptions, they need to implement failsafe measures.

Effective partnerships with consultants can help organizations proactively take measures that will prepare them for disasters. With comprehensive and regular testing of communications, personnel, procedural and technological aspects of the business, the viability of the plan is verified.

With an expert crisis management team at stand-by, organizations can rest easy in case of emergencies.


  • Business risks are reviewed throughout the business cycle
  • IT processes are classified in order of criticality, with recovery schedules drawn up for key processes
  • Options analysis provides companies with options for business process recovery, along with identified recovery strategies (both in-house and third-party options are considered, including for their effect on cultural integrity)
  • Stand-by solutions and providers are selected, and the tendering process is managed
  • The continuity plan is produced, with a schedule to “business as usual” during catastrophic failures and emergencies and clearly defined invocation thresholds