SIEM & SOC Managed Service

Gets a rough visibility of the security of his/her network round the clock and replies quickly to the indicators of compromise.

Once the individual’s network perimeter is violated, attackers, malware or insider threats can navigate his/her network and leak out data at will. However, it is often months before any breaching of data is detected.

SIEM systems are complex, expensive and needs high level expertise tuning and maintenance in order to remain efficient and effective. Conventional solutions are out of reach for the mass barring the largest and well-resourced security teams that requires a dedicated staff to maintain optimization among them.

The company has developed cloud-based, completely managed SIEM solution which removes all the conventional barriers to entry.

An individual can avail the benefits of a venture class SIEM solution as a completely-managed service with UK-based SOC staffed with experts, analysts and incident response staff monitoring the individual’s network, looking for indicators of negotiation, tuning and optimizing the service all the time.

The element of surprise!! The company, for the first time brings this service at an optimized investment level for any organization.

A powerful analytical engine and the expertise of the company’s SOC Analysts combined together harnesses the power of SIEM service leading to an improved operational security, incident response and compliance for the organization, without exhorting any burden on the resources involved in running an in-house solution.

The technology will be deployed and configured by the company. They will set up and tune the service, monitor detect and respond incidents–all of which will be covered by a simple subscription model allowing the individual to pay either monthly or quarterly.


  • Correlation with global trends with our Threat Intelligence feed to detect advanced malware faster
  • Detect and respond to threats as they materialize, for maximum security response effectiveness
  • Logs are collected and retained in the cloud, with full access on demand via a web dashboard
  • Centralized analysis and custom reporting gives you an accurate picture of what is going on in your network
  • Dedicated analyst time, giving your logs context and clarity
  • Regular feedback meetings help you understand your threat landscape and make effective security decisions
  • Increased detection and analysis capabilities identify incidents that would otherwise remain undetected
  • Custom reports offering compliance with security standards including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GPG 13