Interim Security Management

Occasionally, some organizations need seconded information security manager on temporary basis. If the organization needs any help, the security team can provide a qualified interim manager at the earliest.


  • Timely appointment of appropriate interim security manager suited to your needs
  • Support and expertise from the our team available through the candidate
  • Specific skills and requirements to meet your needs throughout the period
  • Availability of our pool of knowledge after the engagement, to guarantee continuity

Any candidate can be drawn from the team, or through recruitment drive and contractor placement techniques, ensuring whether the suitable candidate is in place on time.

This network forms part of our extended team, ensuring only trusted, experienced security professionals are considered.

Back up support is also provided to the appointed thereby making it an extensive pool of information security knowledge and the expertise available to the organization.

Ongoing support is also provided through regular relationship meetings thereby ensuring that the required benefits are provided by the secondment.

Our interim managers can contribute to:

  • Launching a new information assurance management programm
  • Providing specialist experience during technical developments
  • “Bridging the gap” following sudden departure of a previous manager
  • Significant organizational change, or “ramp up” for security certification or audit
  • Significant improvements to security following an incident or adverse audit report
  • Recruitment for a newly created role–providing time to find the right person while establishing a framework for that person to step into
  • Mentoring and guidance to a new employee

For the permanent staff to take over the responsibility smoothly, a comprehensive, managed handover is conducted.