Security Testing

To unmask the flaws of the security system every company should employ certain testing methods. These testing methods determine the vulnerabilities of the system and prioritize it according to the type of threat. Every action during testing takes place like a real-life scenario enhancing best practice to the systems.

Penetration Testing

In spite of being new to the game, hackers are considered as the devil of our time with their frightening ability to crack through any corporate defenses. And their number is increasing day by day by the prospect of profiting financial gain.

It is estimated that a commercial software organization faces 8000 vulnerabilities in a year. Even if one percent of these vulnerabilities affect a company, then it will experience a risk of almost 20 vulnerabilities per quarter. Hence penetration testing should be carried out in every organization at least once a year.

Our Testing Services

The methods used by the testing service are built on industry standards such as the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTM), and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

This service further extends its boundaries to:

  • Testing Networks and infrastructure, including wireless
  • Web applications
  • Monthly managed vulnerability assessments
  • Mobile device security testing
  • Code Review
  • Red-teaming engagements to provide a thorough and realistic assessment of your resilience to an attack scenario

For a continuous assurance, these testing services are available as a one-off engagement, or as an ongoing managed testing contract. To discuss testing your organization’s defenses, get in touch.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can be called as the technology of action with its feature of mobility in the web world. With mobile devices, data can be carried, shared, destroyed and retrieved anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.

But in the current updated world, even mobile devices must be assured security because there is a huge risk of others accessing the corporate assets and data stored in the device. To avoid this mayhem our service came into existence to provide a guarantee starting from the client’s individual device level.

As a vendor and technology agnostic this service ensure to find the best fit for the client’s devices promising that it is not associated with any technology brands or parental companies affirming best service.

Get in touch to enable a safe and secure device.

Our Approach

Whether advising on designs and technologies or assessing the security of existing solutions our approach is always unique and independent. Our approach to mobile device security includes:

  • Business case development, addressing the balance between embracing benefits and mitigating risk
  • Developing solution concepts for clients with recommendations on management and technologies
  • Assessing planned or implemented solutions and advising on improvements for secure working
  • Project security oversight
  • Testing and audit of existing solutions or devices
  • Providing recommendations for security architecture or specific technologies, embracing corporate-owned devices and BYOD environments