Industrial Strength Cybersecurity for Industrial Infrastructure.

Formogic’s joined approach to solve Cyber Security, Governance, and Enterprise Security challenges across technology, people and process.

Cyber Security

Endpoint Security

Formogic endpoint security incorporates information security, network security, advanced data protection...

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Security Testing

To unmask the flaws of the security system every company should employ certain testing methods.

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Wireless Security

Wireless networks are vital for businesses working in a connected society whose flexibility makes an asset to any business.

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Managed Services

SIEM & SOC Managed Service

Gets a rough visibility of the security of his/her network round the clock and replies quickly to the indicators of compromise.

Once the individual’s network perimeter is violated, attackers, malware or insider threats can navigate his/her network and leak out data at will. However, it is often months before any breaching of data is detected.

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Managed Testing

It implements a rule of ongoing testing and improvement at the organization by getting involved in managed testing contract with experts.

Conducting penetration tests as annual undertaking can make the business prone to attack between tests; as thousands of new vulnerabilities is commercially available.

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