Enterprise Security

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise and continue to pose serious threats to our digital economy. New and existing infrastructure, including Internet backbones, mobile and fixed broadband networks, data centers, and cloud-based platforms, are constantly being exposed to these threats. Today’s hackers have an evolving arsenal of tools that can penetrate both public and private networks and attack vulnerable systems, devices and programs. To protect business assets and customer privacy, it is imperative that an enterprise’s security be continuously maintained and improved to effectively guard against internal and external threats.

Broadcom is a leading provider of enterprise security solutions worldwide leveraging the breadth and depth of expertise in both hardware and software security. Broadcom offers a broad portfolio of embedded security solutions, industry-leading mainframe security and payment authentication software, and a best-in-class suite of integrated Symantec cyber security software. From software to silicon, security solutions from Broadcom are widely deployed and used in networks across the globe. With such unparalleled and industry-unique offerings plus an extensive foothold in enterprise security, Broadcom is best equipped to address today’s constantly evolving challenges of protecting data and digital infrastructure from multifaceted threats while enabling enterprises to navigate risk and thrive in a fast-changing world.